Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Wetter than wet

It has been wetter than wet in Cumbria today with more to come according to the weather man. Apparently we will have up to 8" of rain in the next 36 hours and that is more than a normal November's worth. As the ground is already saturated it could be interesting times on the roads around here as the water flows from the fells. The Bowness to Newby Bridge road is always an interesting experience when it is wet and sometimes an amphibious vehicle would be the only sane choice to travel along it.

We were shop hunting again today and a decision has almost been reached. We had to mull it over with nice coffee and a big piece of cakey at Chesters where Sean took these photos of the swollen River Brathay.


1 comment:

  1. Plenty of water there. It certainly sounds like your in for a fun time over the next few hours.

    We have a sunny day promised for tomorrow so I'm just trying to convince myself that I won't get blown over by the winds they are predicting and that maybe I could go for a walk.