Thursday, 19 November 2009

The Lakes under water!

The road from Newby Bridge to Bowness this morning is a river. Is it just me or does anyone else pat the car's dashboard and tell it "well done" when it gets through a particularly hairy patch of water? (Julie has just told me that she always thanks her car at the end of a hairy moment journey). I also love it when us motorists keenly eye up the vehicles coming in the opposite direction to gauge whether or not they're going to make it through (Corsas and Fiat 500s had no chance). I guess they'll have shut the road by now which begs the question how I'll get home as the Crook Road is already shut and the Kendal bypass is notorious for its inability to cope with torrential rain. Ah well, its 10.30 and I've just heard the till ring so maybe it will be worth it.
I feel as though I am going to be marooned on an island now, the schools around here are closed the A591 is closed between Windermere and Keswick and I was the last car through on the A592 from Newby Bridge this morning. All the jetties in Bowness Bay except the main one for the steamers are under water and, as I drove past in my amphibious vehicle, I saw a swan tapping its beak gently on the ticket booth - maybe it's too wet for him and he's looking for a boat to take him out of here - I think I will join him!


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  1. Oh dear. We were hoping to head up there for a plod this Sunday, sounds like I might need my trunks.