Monday, 2 November 2009

floods again!

Well it wasn't as bad as last October's floods, but it came pretty close yesterday. Predictably, after a deluge of biblical proportions, the road from Newby Bridge to Bowness was closed for a time this morning. However, at just after 8.45, the road was passable with caution and I made my way through 8 flooded sections of road passing a few stranded cars along the way. One of the jetties from the pier in Bowness is underwater and I had to giggle at the number of boatmen stood scratching their heads, Stan Laurel-like, gazing at the water. Anyway, the rain has stopped and it's a cool, bright, fresh start to November. There are still quite a few families around so I'm hoping for a good day. No Jules this week as she gets married on Thursday - needless to say there are a few last minute glitches like Tim's suit turning up and the trousers being 3 inches too short, but nothing too serious.....yet.

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