Friday, 6 November 2009

Congratulations to Jules and Tim!

Jules who works with us in the shop got married to Tim yesterday and it was a fantastic day despite the weather. The location was superb - Belmount Hall at Hawkshead - which is a National Trust property run by the same people that run Jumping Jenny at Brantwood.

I did my David Bailey bit being the 'official' photographer and the photos seem to have turned out okay on first viewing (phew!). Managed to get a bit of embarrasing 'dad dancing' in last night after a glass of wine or six; the band oddly enough was called Striding Edge!

This morning we awoke to a great view from our room along the Vale of Hawkshead with the fell tops peeping above the mist which managed to sooth away some of our headache...Sean

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  1. Hi there. Nowt like a good wedding is there.
    I went to the Bob Graham Club ceilidh at the Shap wells Hotel a couple of years ago and Striding Edge were playing there. They really get everybody on the dance floor don't they.
    Congrats to Jules & Tim. Will you be putting some pics online ? Regards Mike.