Sunday, 22 November 2009

Floodwaters are receding

I detoured to the bridge at Whitewater Hotel this morning and the engineers were there checking the structure as the river was flowing just beneath the arch. There were some mighty rain showers last night and this morning but, inspite of that, the flood level appears to have dropped another metre. I could make out the bank of the lake at Fell Foot as I drove past but I still avoided the marina which remains a no go zone for normal traffic. Bowness is busy again today and I've spent this morning trying to contact some of our suppliers in the north of the county. Mr Vikkis at Eamont Bridge near Penrith is worrying me a bit as I've emailed them and tried calling but have not got an answer.

Karen from Firefrost Jewellery in Keswick has just moved to a house near the river but, thankfully, the river didn't reach her and she sent me a couple of photos (below) of the river in full flood:

Sean has posted some graphic photos of the floods at Backbarrow, Newby Bridge, Bowness Bay, Bowness marina and Waterhead at Ambleside from this weekend on our journey to and from work at

In Bowness town centre it appears that normality has returned despite the numerous heavy showers (including hail!) we've had so far today.


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  1. We're pleased that you all seem to be OK! It's been really worrying watching the news and seeing all the dreadful pictures. Thanks for the updates.