Monday, 9 November 2009

Don't miss John Sergeant in the Lakes

Tomorrow evening John Sergeant is on ITV with his new series about tourists in the UK. The first programme features the Japanese in Bowness and you may catch a glimpse of our shop as John strolls down Ash Street on his way from the Peter Rabbit and Friends shop to the Beatrix Potter Experience, so please watch if you get a chance. The Japanese can  be great customers of ours: if they see something they like all of their group will buy it but many of them don't like fragrance so they turn tail as soon as they step in the shop. We also get quite a few of them (and they are the only nationality who do this) who come in wearing face masks......nice!

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  1. This made me smile as it brought back a memory of walking in the lakes. A group of japanese tourists were walking in the other direction. We stopped ( family of 4) to let them pass and each one bowed and said hello and then thanks. Sounds ok until you realise there were about 60 in the party. My daughter and I got the giggles but carried on nodding and saying hello back.