Thursday, 12 November 2009


I get many enquiries about what to wear and which gear to buy. Obviously I cannot give a definitive answer on everything as I have not worn or tested everything that is available. I can, however, give my opinion on gear that I have used or use.

I have just bought some new gloves - I say new ones, but really they are the replacemenets of the ones I already had and managed to rip last year. I did a running repair on them (alright, Louise did it for me!) and made them do for the remainder of last winter but they were so good I had to buy another pair for this winter's campaign; they are the Rab Phantom Grip. What a fantastic pair of gloves they are too, made from WindPro Polartec they are stretchy and light and more to the point for me, they don't have a lot of bulk which means I can operate my camera quite comfortably whilst wearing them. They also fit right in with my 'any new gear has to be light and have low bulk' philosophy.

The wind resistance they possess makes them ideal for almost all conditions and alongside that they are even water repellant and highly breathable. They also have that silicon print thingy on the palm which seems to be in vogue on a lot of gloves these days which makes them less prone to slipping when you are doing a spot of scrambling. In fact they sound too good to be true and they almost are - they were good enough to make me buy another pair anyway!



  1. Well Sean, I hope the silicon print thingys last longer than the ones on my North Face windproof gloves did. A couple of wears & they started falling off :-(
    Might have a look at the Rab's, but i bet they don't do them in an extra small. I have yet to find the ideal glove & believe me, I have enough gloves to stock a shop! Lol. My favourites are a pair of Berghaus powerstretch ones, they fit like ... well, a glove! But aren't warm enough when it gets really cold. I dream of one day finding the perfect glove!


  2. Nice one Sean, I am a big fan of Rab gear and only last week I purchased a new pair of Rab Gloves. I went for the Latok version with the eVent membrane these also have the jazzy red silicon palm grip.A great close fit with good movement and also very light.Not used them in anger yet but they will be superb I have no doubt.
    Andy V

  3. Not sure about XS Angela but they are worth looking at next time you are in a gear shop.

    I looked at those too Andy, fancy a pair for snowy/wet conditions so you will have to let me know how you get on with them.