Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Me and the Dougster...

...have arrived in the shop, apparently we all have to contribute to the blog. I can but I am not sure about muddy Dougal, though we are trying to train him up on the till. Just been out on a walk, photos on SE later.


Hurrah Jules is back

Once again its lovely in Bowness today. I'm sat outside Costa and there is a little patch of blue sky right over Bowness. One of the best treats about our working day is our skinny lattes in Costa before we open the shop and its even better for me today because my pal Jules is here - she's been off the past 2 days because one of her lovely daughters, Eloise, is not well. We had loads of deliveries yesterday which are piled in the stockroom ready for me to get stuck into today. Better have another coffee then!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Lovely in the Lakes

No rain for us today. Along the road to Bowness from Newby Bridge there's no view of Windermere until just before the Beech Hill Hotel: then there is a vista that never fails to take my breath away. You can see the lake sprawling before you, usually complete with a smattering of yachts, and then the Langdales in the distance, dark and brooding (poetic eh?). Today it was drizzling with rain until just before the Beech Hill and then, lo and behold, the clouds parted and the sun lit the up the Langdales and beamed down the lake - fantastic!
It's still about 17 degrees, quite balmy and there are lots of folk around looking for Christmas presents - only 87 days to go........

Monday, 28 September 2009

Monday morning

Light drizzle here this morning and mist over the lake. The weather forecast is for colder weather later this week - good: I won't feel so bad when the Christmas decorations come out then! Yesterday was our busiest day of the year so far and there are still plenty of people around this morning.
Everything is so weather dependent up here - no wonder us Brits are fixated by our weather as I'm sure our nation of shopkeepers blames everything on the weather. Too hot, too cold, too windy, too wet -all of these can affect our sales. so much so that we keep a daily weather diary. Ooh, the drizzle has stopped - bring on the customers

Sunday, 27 September 2009

today in the Lakes

Forget New England in the Fall, Autumn in the Lake District is beyond comparison. The trees are amazing shades of red, yellow and orange and the weather for the past few days has been so still that the reflections on the Lakes are mirror perfect. Bowness is absolutely heaving with visitors this weekend and you can tell that Winter is fast approaching as we're selling loads of fragranced candles. Next Friday we get out our new Christmas decorations and Christmas cards ready for the half term holiday.... where has the year gone?


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