Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The weather again

Sorry Angela, I can't resist.......despite Metcheck claiming we'd miss the majority of the rain today, it has been raining solidly since 6 am. this morning which, inevitably reminds me of last October. The floods of October 25th were amazing to behold and in my weather diary for that day (yes, sadly, I record each day's weather) I simply logged "floods". I only just made it home along the road to Newby Bridge and the next day that road was completely closed - blocked by water and rocks carried down from the hills. There was only one route into Bowness and, whilst cautiously urging the car through indeterminately deep puddles, I called home to say that I probably shouldn't bother opening as no one would be around. I reached the pier to find two of the 3 jetties completely under water, the Tourist Information Centre under siege from the lakes and, incredibly, a vast crowd of onlookers, lots of whom subsequently found their way to our shop. Yes, the worst floods in the Lakes in living memory didn't put off the punters....oooh, how we love to shop.
Anyway, its just stopped raining and the next 2 days are predicted to be lovely. Bring it on.
P.S. Please ignore Sean's complaints - he loves it really......


  1. Sounds like your having it worse than us. Mind we too have good weather precicted for tomorrow, I might even get out for a walk.

    I remember those floods they were the weekend after we had been up in the Lakes and it was wet then. Isn't that the same weekend the mountain race had to be cancelled?

  2. Hi Angela, yes it was the same weekend as the ill fated mountain race - there was a big fuss about how many runners were left stranded on the fells as the race wasn't actually cancelled until 2 hours into the event