Monday, 19 October 2009

kestrel spotted on Ash Street

We've just seen the most amazing thing - we were just chewing the cud with the guys from the chip shop opposite when a kestrel swooped down on the pigeon that was minding its own business in the middle of the pedestrianised(!) street. It was all talons and beak attempting to lift the pigeon but was foiled in it's attempts when a lady rushed over to the pigeon's rescue. One lucky pigeon is now sat on a window ledge keeping an eye out for all predators!


  1. Sounds like the pigeon had almost had his chips!


  2. no wonder it couldnt lift off with the pigeon, they are right tubby in Bowness, nicking all the food meant for the swans! Are you sure it was a Kestrel, sounds more like what a Sparrowhawk would attempt?

  3. This is more like Sparrowhawk behaviour---did the bird have yellow legs ?

    Martin Kirk

  4. That's pretty scary for the pidgeon. I've heard about those 'ladies' in Bowness,they'll be on to the council next...pidgeons on the street !

  5. I have to agree with Martin, most likely a Sparrowhawk. Kestrels tend to eat mice, small mammalsand insects. On very rare occasions a small bird.
    I live near the Carlsberg Brewery in central Copenhagen and there is a Kestrel nest on top of a very tall grain silo - and every summer have the pleasure of watching the little ones learn to fly.