Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Pea Souper today

We can't see the lake from 20 metres away today but it's quite warm so maybe it will burn off in the next couple of hours. Last night, I took the car ferry across Windermere to meet up with Jules, Tim, Sean and Connie at Jules' wedding venue near Hawkshead. I wonder how many people travel in such a brilliant way to and from work each day. The ferry runs like clockwork every 10 minutes and the views you get along the lake as you cross are stunning. Its the only way to travel when the alternative journey around the lake takes approx. 40 minutes. The wedding venue is superb - a house (but not Hill Top) originally owned by Beatrix Potter, now hired out for special events, and partly occupied by the people who own Jumping Jenny's cafe at Brantwood. The visit was followed by a delicious supper at the Outgate Inn - highly recommended by the McMahon family!

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