Sunday, 25 October 2009

Christmas Cards

Just been working on some Christmas/Winter cards and trying to sort out some suitable scenes. Here are three possibilities, what do you think?




  1. Hi Sean,
    Will they be in black & white? If so i prefer the 2nd & 3rd shots, although something snowy would be popular for Christmas. I've just set that last image, in glorious technicolour, as my desktop wallpaper. It looks great :-)

  2. Absolutely LOVE all the photos but they don't float my boat from a Christmas card perspective. :)

  3. Only the top one strikes me as being Wintery Sean, although they are all great shots. I also think the top one is a scene "everyone" can relate to, great moody sky,fresh powdery snow and a Lakeland wall. However,as a Chritmas card i dont think they really suit. Andy

  4. Hi Sean
    Super photos but they don't really give me that 'Christmas' feeling. A couple of your earlier shots that I particularly like are from the following walks -

    3 Feb 09
    7th picture down - The route to Pillar across a frozen tarn

    4 Mar 09
    21st picture down - High Street and the far eastern fells.


  5. Would prefer the 1st option for a Christmas card, the others are great shots for "general" cards. A few snowy/ frosty winter scenes with at least one Casper or Angus in the snow shot, with proceeds from Christmas cards to a local mountain rescue charity would epitomize Striding Edge & sell it to me!

  6. Thanks for the comments, it seems that everyone has their own faves. I will choose 5 suitable winter scenes and sell them in a gift pack, all proceeds to Love the Lakes Ltd I'm afraid!


  7. I like them all, the B&W works really well and I don't think it matters if they don't all have snow and ice in them. The B&W conveys a wintry feel. Maybe these and some of those fantastic snowy ones you took a year or so back - Helvellyn/Catstycam I think it was?

  8. Hi Sean
    I liked the first one, but would also like to see some nice snowy ones.

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