Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Up close and personal with Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffusers are a brilliant invention: they're glass jars filled with fragranced oil and bamboo reeds that - once inserted in the oil - draw up the oil which then evaporates leaving the fragrance to infuse your room day after day. They look great and smell wonderful and we sell lots of them. However, one customer yesterday got more than he bargained for when he indulged in the popular pastime of our customers: smelling all the testers that are dotted around the store. His wife passed him the "Warm Embrace" tester and he enthusiastically brought it up to his nose to get a good whiff, only to get one of the reeds stuck in his nostril! Jules and I stifled laughter by disappearing into the office, holding hands over mouths and letting the tears roll down our cheeks: however, be assured that the unfortunate gentleman's wife and rest of his family were bent over double with mirth.
P.S. They bought the diffuser


  1. What a hoot, I'd have been in fits! That story has brightened my morning no end...Thanks Louise.
    P.S. I wonder if they felt obliged to buy the one containing the reed that he stuck up his nose!

  2. CLASSIC!!!! Thats one good thing about owning a shop, the customers not only give you business but are also a good source of entertainment. You will laugh about that moment and more for years to come. Hope he didn`t see you both laughing!! I am laughing just reading it.
    Keep up the Blog, you have just cheered up my long day, Shaun.