Thursday, 29 October 2009

Dougal the Digger update

Apparently a deterrent for puppies who transgress the boundaries of acceptable behaviour is to throw a mixture of water with a tiny amount of vinegar over them when caught in the act. In the McMahon household we've taken this one step further with the help of Connie's supersoaker gun. Now we all enjoy (a little too much, if I'm honest) administering the punishment for digging in the plant troughs although the neighbours must be slightly worried when one of us shouts "Get the gun!!!!"


  1. Hahaha! Laughing out loud LOTS! Vinegar huh? We've used the 'gun' technique with a variety of present and lovingly remembered pets but sans vinegar. I shall stick that in the memory banks for future use! ;)

  2. HeHe, Supersoaker eh, Does Sean get a dose when he does something naughty too !! I bet Connie likes firing the gun.

  3. We do exactly that with our 4 month old border collie. Works a treat!