Thursday, 22 October 2009

Julie the hamper queen

Jules and I often remark how our particular penchant for certain lines make them sell when we're on the till. Jules makes some of our jewellery and when she's in command 9 times out of 10 jewellery is our top category that day. My background is home fragrance and when I'm on the till 9 times out of 10 reed diffusers are the top category (when customers aren't sticking them up their noses - see a previous blog). I've discovered our new Julie really likes our DIY hampers and, sure enough, the telepathy magic is working again: she's on the till today and we've sold 6 hampers!
I hear the PO workers are intending to strike again for 3 days next week. It looks like I'll be signing up with Hermes parcels (previously Parcelnet) tonight.

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