Saturday, 10 October 2009

Help is here

Great news in our shop: we have a new starter today who's going to be doing weekends for us alongside Mel. Seema is a teacher too so the pair of them will be able to swap worst pupil stories. Is working in a shop the perfect antidote to a hard week's teaching? Search me.
Anyway, I'm off home now to a bottle of Chianti and X Factor (high brow entertainment for Connie, Casper, Dougal and I on a Saturday night - Sean's at work). Mel wants to know if anyone will join her for a night out in Bowness tonight as her other half is out gallivanting with his mates. Be warned, these teachers are dangerous when they let their hair down!

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  1. Hi, what does sean work as, I assumed the site was his job as it were? don't mean to be intrusive, just curious.