Sunday, 3 January 2010

South Lakeland Council's answer to the icy problem

Since well before Christmas we've endured incredibly icy conditions underfoot, in fact you take your life in your hands walking down any pavement in Bowness and the state of the main car park on Rayrigg Road is beyond belief. Of course we're not alone and, inevitably, there has been an outcry in the Westmorland Gazette and I'm pleased to report a dramatic response by South Lakeland Council. Yes, last night, under the cover of darkness, a man in a SLDC luminous jacket was seen scattering grit from his bucket along the main pavement in Bowness. I think he only had the one bucket full but we shall be eagerly awaiting his return, hopefully tonight. The business owners and residents of Bowness will be eternally grateful to this solitary hero.....

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