Thursday, 14 January 2010

Snow Grabbers

After slipping and sliding around on the ungritted paths around here for the last week or two, I decided it was time I got some of those low level crampon type things that slip over everyday shoes or boots. Believe me, the low level paths are much worse than those on the high fells but I don't think it would go down so well walking around Bowness with full blown crampons and B grade boots on!

I had to hunt around a few shops in Ambleside as they all seemed to have sold out and they had no chance of getting new stocks soon. I eventually got the last pair of anything in the shop and seemingly the last in Ambleside - they were ArtiMate Snow Grabbers which are of rubber construction and really easy to slip on and off with no faffing around. I can confirm they are absolutely brilliant after my first time wearing them and dog walking will never be the same again with those babies on; they are suitable for anywhere that is icy, which seems to be the whole UK at the moment.



  1. The snow grabbers look excellent - I ended up with a pair of Grivel Spiders, but at nearly a third of the price, your purchase looks to be a bargain!

  2. Hi. I bought a new pair of Grivel Crampons a few weeks ago. I put them on my boots in the house, but Val(my wife) objected to walking over the new laminate floor!!! I also have some spiders which are brill on icy paths etc..

  3. Something like that is going on my birthday list. I just hope somewhere is selling them in the June.

  4. have a look at "The Climbers Shop" in Ambleside
    website Angela.