Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Buried in paperwork shredded by Dougal

I've had a paperwork day today, only lightened by dog number 2's insistence on getting his head stuck in the wastepaper bin not once, not twice, but three times in his quest to shred all paper in the house. The third time he got his head stuck, he tried to sneak out of the office without my noticing and only succeeded in banging his head (in the basket) on the door jamb much to my amusement and his mortification...daft pup. 3 hours of my time has been spent trying to find an electricity provider for the shop as my current supplier (who shall remain nameless....oh, go on then, British Gas) has promised to fix my prices for 2 years at nearly double the rate I currently pay. I went through this rigmarole last year and remembered to keep all the details I need to hand as we have 2 meters, 2 different tariffs and a plethora of reference numbers to quote. 3 hours later and I've still not sorted it... a glass of wine beckons.


  1. Sometimes I think this blog should be called 'What Dougal Did Next'. Mind his antics are amusing, well at this distance.

  2. Ah yes - Beardies who shred paper! Sorry Louise, I am sure it is hard-wired into the DNA, Ollie was the same.

    He thought our moving house was the best thing ever - when I bought a couple of packs of clean newsprint paper to wrap the china Ollie reckoned all his Christmas and birthdays had come at once (and scrunching up a sheet and letting him shred it was a very good way of keeping him quiet for half an hour whilst I got on with the packing {smile}).

    PS: how are you getting on with the "chewing problem", did a Nylabone help?

  3. Hmmm, dogs eh? Who'd have 'em! Sounds like the electricity suppliers are as bad as one another. I was considering changing back to British Gas recently but maybe I should stick with the devil I know, which is the philosophy I've got with my internet provider too. Good luck with the paperwork.

  4. The Nylabone is fantastic thanks and I would just like to give Dougal a bit of positive press in that we can now leave him to roam the hall and landing for a couple of hours at a time without him chewing anything. However, Casper last night emptied the recycling bag in the kitchen - an unheard of crime for Mr. Perfect which I'm sure he would have blamed on Dougal had Dougal not been shut in the utility room. Louise