Monday, 18 January 2010

London's calling

We've been to London for the weekend to catch a show and go to a trade fair. The show (Hairspray) was great and Sean sat next to Niall Quinn (Chairman of Sunderland FC) who, despite his team being thrashed
7-2 by Chelsea, seemed to enjoy himself. Today, in contrast, I walked Casper and Dougal (who you'd think we'd left in kennels for a month rather than 3 days) at Millerground and, as I gazed across the misty Windermere searching for remnants of snow still clinging to higher ground, I couldn't help but contrast frenetic London with our little piece of paradise. London came out poorly! As we've been basking in heady temperatures approaching double figures, the shop has been relatively busy today. Please let us have seen the last of the snow for a little while.


  1. I work in London, and every day I compare 'frenetic London' to the Lakes, and every day London comes a poor second! I have to escape to the Lake District at weekends to smooth out those City worry lines.

    One day I'll trade London in for the Lakes, one day.

  2. Sounds like you visit London for the same reason we do, to see shows. Mind I did have three years of taking & fetching my daughter from university whilst she studied there. Now she's home in our quiet little town she really misses London and rushes back there at as often as possible. Me, I'm with you the countryside wins every time.

  3. I had to visit London last week for two days and couldn't wait to get home again. Everyone seems in such a hurry and many just appear to be terribly angry all the time! I'm looking for some mountain therapy to recover from the experience