Thursday, 28 January 2010

If only it were true

Last year there was an investigation of Windermere to hunt for our very own monster named, imaginatively, "Bownessie". The search will be featured on the current series "The Lakes" on March 1st, but apparently there were enough grounds to conduct the search again this year.....mmmm.....I'm tempted to teach Casper and Dougal to swim underwater, tied together of course, as we could really do with a decent monster sighting and what better than a two headed, hairy beast from the deep.
I met up with one of our suppliers today for coffee and cake. She and her partner live in quite a remote part of Cumbria and she makes the most fabulous soaps and bath salts (Fanny and Claude on Her parting anecdote was about the time she was at Lowther Show and, desperate to get to the loo, she gently elbowed her way past a little old lady in her way, only to discover that it was the Queen! I was hoping to also meet up with one of my other suppliers, Karen, who makes stunning jewellery, but she couldn't make it. I've sold 2 pieces of her jewellery this week over the phone to customers who bought other colours in the summer so I really need to get her on as soon as possible.


  1. Many years ago I heard a lovely one about the Windsor Show. A Range Rover pulls up at a port-a-loo, security bloke gets out and tried to move away all the ladies who were patiently queueing saying "sorry ladies, The Princess of Wales needs to use these facilities". The story is that a small woman in a headscarf firmly replied "then she can wait like the rest of us".

    The response was "yes Ma'am!"

    Is Casper still enjoying his Nylabone?

  2. Have they both taken to swimming like Angus then?

  3. Casper doesn't touch his Nylabone but Dougal loves his - unfortunately, he has the attention span of a goldfish and so drops it after a few seconds only to discover it again 30 minutes later after shredding a few handy items in the meantime. Both dogs aren't keen on swimming - Dougal less so than Casper - not like Angus who was the Captain Webb of the Beardie world.