Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Oh, what a beautiful morning

Wow, its lovely today. A combination of mists and sunshine as I came past the lake and very, very still. A bit warmer than yesterday and, already, there are people out enjoying the weather. On my way to work I took a detour to the bridge by the Whitewater Hotel at Backbarrow to see if there is any reconstruction work going on but, unfortunately not, although the walls on either side of the bridge have been taken down as if ready for rebuilding. The lake is now back down to near normal (for this time of year) level.
Dougal has just learned how to jump in and out of the car and I had to laugh this morning as, when he jumped out, he leapt like a spring lamb OVER MY HEAD and landed perfectly on the drive behind me......

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  1. Nice to know Dougal is back in your good books.