Monday, 7 December 2009

Does anyone know where Pillar is?

Well, yes, of course everyone knows where Pillar is - except Jules and I. Jules has an excuse as she's an offcomer from Derbyshire, but the lady who was buying one of Sean's cards today looked at me in disbelief and some amusement until I eventually dragged from the recesses of my mind "Somewhere near Great Gable....I think". OK, here's the (not very well kept) secret, it's Sean who is the expert on all things to do with the Lake District, not me. In my far distant past my Dad was a Lake District Warden and I was dragged up every flipping mountain in the Lakes before I was 7! It put me off walking for a fair few years and now my ignorance is bliss....happy to bask in Sean's reflected glory until I get caught out by a customer. Excuse me while I do my daily study of an ordnance survey map.

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