Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Grand Day Out in Bowness

My apologies for not blogging for the past few days - we have been very, very busy not only in the shop but also with internet orders. Excellent. Today, there's a buzz in the air in Bowness as no less than Kevin McCloud and the Grand Designs team are mooching about. There's a house on the Crook Road which has been under screens for some time and, rumour has it, is featuring in the next series. Jules is going to leap out of the shop if she spies Kevin to ask him how far the project is overbudget, which of the inevitable hapless couple is assuming the role (usually inadequately) of project manager and will they manage to pull out all the stops to get the project done in time....
We don't get many famous people popping up in Bowness: our only regular celebrity visitor is Victoria Wood, who is a patron of the Old Laundry Theatre. She has been in the shop a few times but always looks like she doesn't want to be recognised so we always pretend we don't...hope she's not offended!

1 comment:

  1. I love that series. I'm always envious of the people who have fabulous locations for their houses. Mind having survived major renovation and extension work on our house a few years back I have no desire what-so-ever to take on a project of the size featured in the series.

    Nice to know business is booming. I was expecting it to slow down for John over Christmas but he's getting busier and busier, which is great. Might be able to afford a holiday and to come and buy the new Bill Birkett from you soon.