Friday, 18 December 2009

Dougally Doings

Sean and Casper sneaked off before the crack of dawn this morning and, as soon as they'd departed, there came a "Woof" from the utility room, aka Dougal's cell. As I didn't want the rest of the household to wake up before the crack of dawn, I trudged downstairs to release dog no. 2 into the relative freedom of the living room. Obligatory greetings of the usual nature (ie. I haven't seen you in weeks, where have you been, how could you leave me) over with, I nipped back upstairs to get my computer and some paperwork that needed filing. A mere 2 minutes later I came back to find the Next catalogue chewed on all 4 corners and cast asunder on the rug, the wastepaper bin upended and the contents scattered around the room, including on the couch and dog no. 2 busily gnawing on the wooden frame of the patio door. Good Morning Dougal.
On the plus side, when I took him for a walk through our local wood I saw deer and rabbits galore as, for all his numerous faults, Dougal doesn't bark when he's outside (unlike Casper). I've left him on the patio in the dubious charge of James, our son. I'm glad I'm not going to be home first!


  1. "Someone" really doesn't approve of being left alone, does he? Ollie had similar moments at around the same age . . . best of luck getting through this awful stage.

  2. My son and duaghter are quite keen for him to come and live here if you get fed up with him. I'm not so keen ;-)

    Mind he would get me back out walking and could be the star of my website.

  3. Don't we just (not) like puppies!!!