Thursday, 24 December 2009

More Dougally Doings

Father Christmas delivered some of our presents early last night and, obviously, we're all on special Dougal watch as none of said presents will bear chewing. However, to our surprise, our barmy pup is not intent on destroying the parcels: his more benign mission in life is to sit on them. Already this morning he has been hauled off his present nest three times. He has been banished outside and the tree is now surrounded by barbed wire: well, not quite, but it doesn't look very festive as anti-Dougal devices include Connie's guitar (in its case), the chewed Next catalogues (see previous blog) and, in fact, anything that came to hand that will do the trick. Will the presents make it through to Christmas Day? Have a Merry Christmas everyone: I'm escaping to the shop for a bit of peace.


  1. You've dared to put a tree up? Well, that decides it.. I'll follow suit. The homemade decorations can go near the bottom and I'll keep the lights higher up. Best wishes for Christmas. Christine

    PS Happy Christmas Dougal and Caspar from Poppy

  2. Always put a tree up! We have 4 cats - we found one last year sitting half way up the tree nestled in the branches. We only found him when the lights reflected in his eyes - he's a black stealth cat! We've had no luck keeping them away from the presents. They like to tear off the tags so Christmas morning is a bit of a lucky dip!
    All the best to everyone!

    Chris & Lynn