Tuesday, 1 December 2009

All's quiet on the western front

It's extremely cold here today, probably not helped by the snow leaden clouds: we're due a heavy snowfall tonight. It's also very quiet here today, possibly because the forecasted snow may have put off some daytrippers. Apparently, someone with a TV camera has just taken some footage of the front of our shop but, as he didn't call in, I have no idea what for. That's about as exciting as its going to get today I think. The Christmas lights down our pedestrianised street are a tad boring (white and a quarter of them blown already) so a few of us have been discussing how we can do something ourselves next year to make the street more christmassy: the consensus so far is for small lit trees angled out from the walls at 1st floor level. Someone suggested a snow machine but I think the Health and Safety Executive might have something to say about that!

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