Friday, 11 December 2009

Night of the dogs in Bowness

Thanks to everyone who visited us last night at the shop. I think we had as many dog visitors as we did humans and when the young Dougal got together with some of his Bearded Collie chums it all got a bit excitable for a tranquil Thursday evening in Bowness. The highest drama of the evening was just after 5 pm. when Dougal, in Connie's charge at that point, managed to get his paw stuck in a bench at the end of the street. At the noise of Dougal squealing and Connie sobbing we rushed to her aid along with two bystanders: Dougal was released unhurt (daft pup) and Connie was consoled with a bag of chips from Vinegar Jones. Peace reigned until doggie arrivals were energetically and enthusiastically greeted by Dougal whilst Casper looked on with dogged patience. Christmas cake and Damson gin was consumed and a good time was had by all!

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