Thursday, 25 February 2010

A Dougal breakthrough

Casper, Dougal and I went for a stroll this morning on Birkrigg, a limestone outcrop complete with stone circle and lots of sheep. Casper usually eyes up the sheep but always responds to my command "Off those sheep". Dougal usually notices the sheep but always follows Casper's lead and so leaves them alone. Many dogs and owners walk on Birkrigg, whatever the weather, and Dougal has over the past few months learned to approach dogs, meet and greet them and then come back to me. So far so good. However, the main reason I resort to putting him on his lead is that he jumps up at people. When he does it he gets suitably chastised but he always does it again, even just a few minutes after he's had a good telling off. Today, however, we met a few people whilst on our stroll and Dougal didn't jump up at any of them. I'm hoping this is a major breakthrough in Dougal's training and I'll hold on to that hope for a few hours until I take them out again.

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  1. Hi Louise, I'm often walking with a friend and her dog who did the same, jumped up at people. As the dog is some sort of greyhound(!) this wasn't very nice and frightened a lot of people we met. However, just some weeks ago, Nando learnt not to jump, as soon as he's shown a stretched hand, going down slowly. It took some training but now it works. Just to give you an idea. I'm sure Dougal will learn it soon, too.