Tuesday, 16 February 2010

New shop on the horizon

After 9 months of searching, we think we've found the location for our 2nd Love the Lakes. The deliberation that has gone into it has surpassed the thought that went into the Bowness store (and that made our brains hurt!). At the end of the day you can only go for the best you can do without breaking the bank and after many months of studying footfall, the local retail competition, catchment area, tourist income etc., etc. (not forgetting the new potential hazards of flood level and accesibility during snow!) we've come to a decision. Now the easy (ha, ha) bit starts: bank manager to woo, lease to sort out, shopfitters to pin down, suppliers to coordinate and staff to find. Can we get open for Easter? We shall see.


  1. Easter? It's just about six weeks until Easter! Fingers crossed that you will manage it. Less walking, a lot less walking then from now on, Sean...

  2. Well tell us where it is going to be then!


  3. Is it closer to Keswick than Bowness? I'll be there Easter, with an empty suitcase...

  4. Hi, I wish you luck with the new shop and hope all goes well for you. My wife & me opened a shop in East Yorks some 25 years ago, and I remember it well. A lot of hard work and stress. Being in the trade already will make it a lot easier though.