Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Beware men with clueless expressions

Valentines Day is a bit of a hoot for us. Unlike birthdays and Christmas, some people (ok, men) get away with proclaiming that they don't "believe" in it. Others (again, men) make what I would call a token gesture  - chocolates and the smallest, most non-commital card they can find - and others want to go the whole hog (in the 80's they bought those huge cards with padded hearts held by cute teddies) but haven't got a clue what to buy. Predictably, as unsuspecting lone men enter the shop at this time of year, we like to guess which of the above categories they fall into. Actually, there is another category of man - the one that takes note of what their loved one says they like in the shop and then rushes back alone 30 minutes later to purchase said loved one heart's desire......aahhh.


  1. So Louise

    Into which category does Sean fall?

  2. Now that was the question I thought about asking!

    Mine is a card, flowers and let's get a take-away and a bottle of wine bloke. One year I insisted we were going out for a meal, booked a table and then a week before the restaurant closed down. Not bothered trying since.

  3. When is Valentines Day?? and have u seen the price of chocs & flowers. I can`t afford em....saving for a new bike LOL.
    P.S I am joking, my wife would kill me AGAIN

  4. Flowers, fluffy toy, lovely card without envelope (because by the time he got home he discovered they hadn't given him the card)- all exchanged yesterday evening because he got up at the crack of dawn today to go for a run. Ah the life of the marathon widow! ;)

  5. It's the thought that counts Lesley. We sold lots of Valentines Day gifts today - does that fall into the "better late than never" category?!