Monday, 1 March 2010

Has Spring sprung?

White rabbits!
On the first day of Spring the weather in the South Lakes is absolutely beautiful if still a bit chilly. We could do with a few days of good weather so the community can start to feel like the season is about to start - it has been so cold and damp for the past 3 months that precious little work has been done to repair the damage caused by the floods and today's mutter in the gutter is that the Bowness Marina may not be fully open until June. Anyway, today's lovely weather has brought numerous visitors to the village and a fair few of them over the past few days have been followers of who are always a real pleasure to meet. Yesterday's comment of the day goes to a long suffering husband who, upon his wife spending quite a bit of money, told me "We're here for the week and, no offence, but I wish we'd found your shop on the last day, not the first. I'll be seeing you soon!"


  1. Lol! I'll be seeing you soon too, I hope!

  2. It's not Spring until March 21st.

    Winter 21/12 - 20/3
    Spring 21/3 - 20/6
    Summer 21/6 - 20/9
    Autumn 21/9 - 20/12

  3. Historically it is March 21st, some think things are changing though: