Thursday, 11 March 2010

I don't believe it!!

Ok so we've had 13 days of dry weather on the run (a record since we opened the shop in May 2008) and, whilst we're all rejoicing at the end of winter and some lovely spring weather, the mutter in the gutter is that the lake is a foot below it's normal level for this time of year and that there may well be a hosepipe ban this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apparently the sluice gates that were the source of the controversy around the time of the flood in November (accusations were made at the time that they weren't opened fast enough, resulting in the catastrophic flooding of Whitewater in Backbarrow and the Swan Hotel at Newby Bridge) are now rumoured to have been left open too long, allowing far too much water to drain out of Windermere.
Maybe the lake will drain so far that Bownessie will be left exposed, thrashing around in the mud...pass me the camera.

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