Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A thought for Angus

It's the birthday today of our much loved and sorely missed beardie Angus. Sean and I took Casper and Dougal to Bow Bridge, a local beauty spot which was one of the old boy's favourites as it has a handy stream in which to cool off and a plentiful supply of sticks to be thrown for him. When he was young, Angus's one idiosyncracy was leaping around the bottom of trees and bushes and barking at the birds in them. Bow Bridge was a perfect place to display this peculiar habit and the way we got him to stop was to throw stick, after stick for him until he was so worn out that he collapsed in the stream and forgot all about those pesky birds.
Neither Casper or Dougal show any penchant for bird baiting but, whilst Casper eyes with disdain any sticks waved in front of him, Dougal loves to run for them as fast as his legs will carry him and, as I watched him run in a blur of flying legs bouncing hair, I couldn't help but think about our old, handsome hound Angus. It seems only yesterday that he was doing the same.


  1. You never forget them do you? I almost feel as if I 'know' Angus from all the lovely photos Sean has posted over the years. And that lovely slate was such a beautiful reminder of all the years you had with him. A thought or two coming your way from Milton Keynes. :)

  2. Gone, but never forgotten! I still feel exactly the same about my old lad, who left us 11 years ago in September.Happy Birthday Angus, wherever you are.

  3. He had character did Angus and this is from someone who is a big Angus fan and generally isn't keen on dogs. Maybe it's because we both love(d) swimming so much.

    One thing I enjoy about hunting down Guess the Fell answers is they mean I come across old shots of him on Striding Edge.

  4. I had the pleasure of meeting Angus once on Esk Pike about 4 years ago. I was very upset to learn of his passing. I guess that's a testament to Angus's wonderful personality and how Sean captured it in his photos.