Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Entente Cordiale?

We're still in the middle of the wranglings to get the lease signed for our new's only four months since we agreed the principles but, hey, I'm a patient sort of person, not!
Now, the end is near, it's time to's time to sign on the dotted line in the next couple of days. It feels like we're in limboland: ready to push the button on many stock orders, getting the shopfitters to storm in wielding hammers and saws, getting the team in place and, for goodness sake, GETTING OPEN BEFORE THE SEASON ENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, in the midst of frayed nerves, a letter has arrived from the landlords of the Bowness store. Opening it with some trepidation (after all news from landlords is never good), I was shocked, indeed, stunned to see that our lovely landlord has decided to wave his right to apply the forthcoming rent review. Our rent will stay the same for the next 3 years. back to the new store lease, what's happening now?!

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