Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Where's the sun gone?

We've had a fantastic few days: since last Thursday the sun has shone and all has been well with the world. Heady temperatures of over 19 degrees were recorded at the weekend and folk have been wandering round the village in shorts and t-shirts. We've seen numerous cases of sunburn amongst customers and Jules arrived yesterday with an attractive red glow about her after tackling 3 Wainwrights on Saturday. We've even stocked up on natural Insect Repellent and After Sun Soother in anticipation of demand. However, after a very promising start this morning (beautiful blue sky and gradual climbing temperature) the sun has now disappeared and I'm now sat shivering in my totally inappropriate sandals. I'm going to log on to Metcheck for a quick weather update.........phew, bright sunshine reappearing on Thursday and no rain forecasted....hang on, what's this????? Snow showers forecasted for April the 22nd. Surely not!!!!


  1. Don't tell me that it's over there like it is here, Louise! When I returned from Keswick last week it was summer here in the south of Germany. But - winter is back! Temperatures dropped down to almost zero C, it's f-f-f-reezing cold again! Saw your Sunday's twitpics and hoped that it's finally spring in the Lake District now.

  2. Hi Louise, I remember doing the Coast to Coast walk in April 1981. We got sunburnt over Easter in the lakes, then a couple of days later, encountered four feet snowdrifts in the pennines !! So tell Sean not to hang the crampons up just yet !! I was in Langdale at the weekend and it was heaving. Mike.